CoderCamp Hamilton is a monthly meetup / mini-conference for local software developers to learn tools, techniques, and technologies from one another in a casual and friendly setting.

About CoderCamp Hamilton

CoderCamp meets monthly in local pubs in Hamilton, Ontario.

We have a projector and screen set up for people to give presentations. We try to have a few speakers lined up in advance to give the event structure, but there is usually room for “open mic” presentations or discussions if you’re interested in sharing. We welcome you to come, talk, discuss, share, or just sit quietly and listen.

We are an inclusive group that welcomes students, professional developers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Come out and help build a strong tech community in the Greater Hamilton area.

CoderCamp Hamilton is organized by Rob Prouse and Bryan Poetz with the help of a small army of House-Elves including AJ Bovaird, but CoderCamp depends on the tech community in Hamilton for support and talks. If you are working on something cool or have something you would like to talk about, join our Slack channel and tell us about it.

Join us on Slack

When we are not getting together once a month, we hang out and chat in Slack. Please join us.