Codercamp S14e07

Jul 16, 2014   6:30pm to 9:00pm
The Pheasant Plucker @ 20 Augusta Street


AJ Bovaird will tell us a little bit about the new features coming in vNext.

Rob Prouse will demonstrate creating applications for Android Wear by prototyping an application that lists the pubs closest to you, allows you to view their menus and order on your watch.

Matt Grande is going to come tell us more about the HSR Real Time Data Hackathon on July 26th.

Bryan will also providing a brief update on the Coderetreat Evening being planned for July 23rd.


Interested in giving a presentation? You can show up on the evening and hope there is time for your talk, or you can email and we’ll add you to the list of scheduled talks.

Please register. If enough people are coming then we need to tell the bar to bring in another staff member.