Coderretreat Evening

Jul 23, 2014   6:00pm to 9:00pm
The Innovation Factory


Hamilton CodeRetreat Evening provides developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice away from the pressures of ‘getting things done’. If you are interested in pair programming, software design fundamentals and learning from your peers in a positive and welcoming space then this event is for you.

Over the course of the evening we will break into pairs and practice implementing Conway’s Game of Life. There will be three 45 minute sessions followed by a group discussion where we can reflect on our experiences as a group.

Attendance is free - snacks and refreshments will be available. Attendees should bring a laptop with a development environment set up and ready to go in the language of their choice.

Thanks to Innovation Factory for providing the space and Sinha Consulting Group for sponsoring the event.


Interested in giving a presentation? You can show up on the evening and hope there is time for your talk, or you can email and we’ll add you to the list of scheduled talks.

Please register. If enough people are coming then we need to tell the bar to bring in another staff member.